Brazilian Fish Stew

After more than a few requests for a fish stew, here we are ….a Brazilian Fish Stew otherwise known as Moqueca Baiana. Essentially it is very similar to a mild curry with coconut milk and tomatoes. Its delicious!

    1. Add to the oil to a hot pan – ideally a deep large frying pan and then add the onions and cook until slightly golden.
    2. Then add the red pepper and garlic and cook for further two minutes
    3. Add the cumin, paprika, and cayenne pepper and stir for just a minute then add all the other broth ingredients to the pan.
    4. Turn the heat down to a medium simmer.
    5. Now add your chunks of raw fish. (You can also lightly fry the fish until golden before adding to the broth but it’s entirely optional) Ideally, just lay the tilapia pieces gently on top of the broth so that they stick out. Put a lid onto the pan and cook for 7 mins. This will gently steam the fish from the top.
    6. After 5 mins remove the lid and push the fish into the broth so it is submerged then cook without the lid for a further 5 minutes which will reduce and thicken the broth.
    7. When the sauce is slightly thick (like double cream) then remove from the heat and serve with steamed rice
    8. Finish with a squeeze of lime and a small handful of chopped coriander ENJOY!! 😊


To serve 3-4 people you will need:

1 Tilapia 1kg  – cut however you like it! But I would recommend boneless cubes with skin on.

For the broth:

1 Β½ tbl spoons of flavoured oil – Coconut, garlic or sesame oil will all work well
2 cloves of garlic – grated
1 onion – finely chopped
1 red pepper (capsicum) – sliced into strips
1 Β½ teaspoons of sugar – brown sugar preferably but any will be fine
1 tbl spoon of ground cumin
1 tbl spoon of paprika
1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper
1 can (400ml) coconut milk
1 can (400ml) chopped tomatoes
1 cup (300ml) fish or chicken stock
Juice of a lime
Fresh chopped coriander


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