Fish Wraps

Yalelo’s fish wraps are a light meal perfect for summer month, but delicious all year round.

Put a quarter cup of cooking oil in a non-stick pan and heat.

Place your 6 Yalelo Fillets in the pan and season with salt and black pepper. After 7 minutes flip the fillets over for another 7 min to cook through.

In a bowl add half a cup of grated carrots and half a cup of red cabbage.

Shred the Fillets and let them cool down for a few minutes and add to your lovely vegetables and combine well.

Add ¾ of a cup of mayonnaise and give it a good mix.

To serve place a fresh lettuce leaf in each chapati then add your Yalelo Fish fillet and vegetable/ mayo mix and enjoy.


6 Yalelo Fillets
Vegetable oil
Red Cabbage
Chapati / Flat breads


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