Fish a La King

This creamy Yalelo fish dish is a winner, dinner party ready!

Chop 1 White Onion

Chop handful of green beans

Slit fish on either side of Fresh Yalelo fish

Sprinkle 1 teaspoon garlic powder and chopped thyme

Season with salt

Flip fish over and repeat

Turn on stove to medium to high heat

Pour on cup of cooking oil in pan, and when hot, place fish in the pan.

Cook for 10 mins on each side and set aside


Put Quarter cup of cooking oil in pan.

When hot, add in chop onions and chopped green beans.

Season to taste and fry until cooked through and skin is crispy

Pour 2 cups of fresh cream into the vegetables and ½ a cup of white wine (non-alcoholic is fine too), stir and let simmer for 3 mins.

Pour the creamy sauce onto the fish and enjoy!


1 whole Yalelo Fish
1 white Onion
Green beans
Garlic powder
Cooking oil


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